Boulder's Climate Reality Project Creates a Tool to Let You Spread Truth and Destroy Denial

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Reality Drop’s mission is to reveal the denial and deception around climate change, spread the truth, and clear the way toward real solutions. The unique social activism website, which uses social game mechanics, a news-driven digital platform and a sophisticated algorithm, finds climate news from around the web and connects it with the most relevant science. Reality Drop gives players the tools to push back against misinformation by engaging climate change deniers in debates in the comment threads of the articles themselves, or by spreading the word and activating their social networks.

A red article means it's a news story promoting climate myths and supporting deniers. Drop reality in the comment threads where you can and earn bonus points whenever your comment gets a hit — when someone clicks on a link that brings them back to the science on Reality Drop. Green means it's news worth sharing. Spread truth on your social networks, or check out the comment threads in the article and drop reality on denial commenters.Gray articles are neutral and need your attention. Check them out and vote on whether they're pro or anti science, then drop reality. Created by: Arnold Worldwide.

Try it out here.


cool way to gamify a conversation. Good stuff, larry

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