New FIN Spot from Denver's Cultivator Breaks All the Rules of Cigarette Smoking

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In its first-ever TV advertising, FIN Branding Group, LLC, Atlanta promotes its smokeless, tobacco-free e-cigarette. Titled “Rewrite the Rules,” the campaign is by Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver.

Its aim is to demonstrate that the FIN e-cigarette is acceptable in places where smoking is not, and to that end, the commercial shows the FIN e-cigarette in places like a bar, bowling alley, diner and at the office. To comply with most broadcast channels’ guidelines, both spots are edited into “smoke” and “no smoke” versions.

Anybody in your agency smoking these e-cigs while they work? Handy, no?

CD/AD: Monte Mead
CD/CW: Tim Abare
AD: August Sandberg

Prod. Co./Post/Color: Futuristic, Denver
Dir.: Jasper Gray
Editor/Telecine: Jonnie Sirotek
Exec. Prods.: Sarah Liles, Brendan Kiernan
Line Prod.: Jason Stoval

Sound/Music: Arsenal Studios, Denver
Engineer/Composer: Dan Barnhart


Great. Now the Cruise Room can be filled with even more fucktard hipsters. Thanks, Cultivator!

Beautiful looking spot! Well written, gorgeously shot.
Soundtrack? Not so much. Awful VO; awful music. Totally ruins an otherwise great spot.

What's up with the V/O?

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