Denver's Barnhart Hits the Road for Wyoming in New Campaign

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This sticker series, commissioned on behalf of the Wyoming Department of Tourism, will be used in Barnhart’s 2013 spring/summer marketing to states that adjoin Wyoming (you've probably seen it up around town). The stickers will appear in outdoor ads, geo-targeted digital banners and will be given away as promotional items. Those who engage with the digital banners will be able to plot their own course across the state and receive a free visitors guide and “Yellowstone or Bust” sticker. Additional road trip stickers can be collected at visitor centers throughout the state.

The retro-style artwork was created by Academy Award-nominated illustrator John Bell, under the watchful eye of Barnhart’s creative staff. Digital has launched, outdoor is currently up in adjacent markets, and additional extensions of the campaign are currently in the works.

Love the look and lines. Nice work, you guys.


Nice work, fellas.

Really smart work. Nailed it.

Very nice work from Cameron and his team and at Barnhart. Love the iconic nature of the design. Drove by one of the billboards the other day and it's hard not to notice it.

Really nice work. Congrats!

Bummer about the website :( ???


Great Illustrations Mr. Bell

Such fantastic fresh work. Congrats Cam. I want more stickers!

Love it.

fun, smart stuff Cam. Looks like you've found a great new home.

It's amazing what an Academy award nominated illustrator can do "under the watchful eye of Barnhart's creative staff."

Best bs pr line I've read in a while. Ha!

bs = bill schumacher

Saw the "better bring the swear jar" bus sign yesterday - loved it. Spot on, fellas.

This gets the "Damn, I wish I had done that" award.

Great work. Love all the different stickers.

Good stuff, guys. Dig it.

Any idea if the stickers would be available as posters for purchase?

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