The Official Denver Water Campaign of 2013 from Sukle

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This year, Denver rolled into the summer with a substantial deficit in our reservoirs. We were way behind on water supply and still in the middle of a bad drought. So, this year's campaign from Sukle gets drastic, asking Denverites to 'Use Even Less' than they have in the past. With the amount of brown lawns around town, it looks to be working.

For some nice additional insight on the last 9 years of Sukle's working relationship with Denver Water, check out the interview Osocio published this weekend with Mike.

From Osocio's interview:
"When the campaign launched, one of our strategies was to embed the idea into the community. Other utilities in the city used TV, newspaper and radio to communicate to their customers. Their messages had no sense of personality or empathy. They were just telling the people what they thought they needed to know. Denver Water and Use Only What You Need were different. The campaign was developed from talking with customers and understanding how they thought and what they thought. From the beginning, the campaign engaged customers and depended on them to help spread the word and convince neighbors that wasting water was wrong. Ambient is an excellent media to engage people and get them to spread a message. Its freshness was a really unexpected (and welcome) departure from how the other guys were communicating. The appeal of ambient is how people interact with it and that they get to be both part of the idea and media vehicle to pass the idea on."


The whole campaign is flush with some water tight ideas.

Wait... Didn't they do this in Boulder already this summer for the bus system? Hehehehe JK. Awesome work on a continually strong campaign!

fantastic work guys

Awesome as always Mike and crew.

The dry t-shirt contest made me LOL. nice work.

For me, taking the messaging to such an extreme just makes me feel despair at the prospect of having to conserve water, like we are living in some post-apocalyptic future. It makes the problem seem insurmountable.

I disagree Grant. The work makes the problem seem dire with a humorous twist. It makes the reality of the situation easier to digest and more approachable. It isn't the work that is extreme, but the situation.

Great work!

Great humor. Memorable. Love it.

Wonderful print campaign.

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