ADCD Annual Show Call-For-Entries Deadline Extended Until Sunday

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Standing by to assess your work is a jury of international industry leaders from DDB, Apple, Saatchi & Saatchi, Global Hue, The One Club, Kickstarter, BEING, Jupiter Drawing Room and more. To make sure your creative excellence doesn’t go unnoticed, visit to enter before the clock ticks midnight on Sunday. The 2013 ADCD Annual Show will be held in September in Denver. Winners will be notified in August.

ADCD tasked 15 local motion artists with creating teasers to promote this year's awards show. The stitched together clip is below to help get the juices brewing.

Video credits go to Chez Strong and Chris Eagleton from Dynamite Laser beam along with Spillt’s Ryan Bramwell and Friends of Mine’s Adam Espinoza, plus all of the artists who lent their talents to this project — including Brian Long, Burke Miles, Kevin Kerndt, Dan Bucknam, Vance Gerard, Jeremy Lindenmier, Chris Cox, Gary Tussey, Ed Rhine, Jason Schwarz, Ben Chwirka, Ryan Mast, Zack Citro and Curt Cooper.


A special thank you to all of the artists involved with this massive task of bringing together our local talent. For one of the first times locally, we were able to bring together multiple busy motion design studios and artists for this year's award show. Personally, it was an honor to see what each artist created for their segment.

Studio talent includes (in no particular order): Wyatt, Friends of Mine, SPILLT, Legwork, ChangetheThought, Dynamite Laser Beam, KerndtDesign & DanBucknam.

Say hello to any of these fine companies for you next awesome project, because they are all awesome!


Oh, I cant forget FREED motion! Ed's is may favorite. The last one:)


Hahaha, Thanks Ryan! Have to also give props to one of our animators here at Freed, Samantha Mireles, who was a huge help in getting that piece done on time.

WoHo and Thanks Dynamite Laser Beam! you guys rocked this.


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