Some Clarity on the Making Colorado Branding Effort

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As evidenced by the great number of comments under the original thread we posted featuring the new proposed identities and slogans for Colorado designed by the Making Colorado creative team, we're all a little confused by exactly what's going on or intended with this project. The communication to us on the effort — as someone who can bring positive PR to the thing — has been confusing and without detail. Maybe it's our fault for not having asked questions about it to get to the bottom of things, but we're busy and expect press releases that we receive about campaigns to be buttoned up. That's the way it is.

All that said, two of the very well-respected designers/agencies involved in the project have taken it upon themselves to clarify what's at stake. Essentially, this project is not technically a "re-brand," since the only thing that it may potentially be replacing is an existing wordmark that you've probably never seen (or noticed) that is used mostly in inter-government communication. The job is to develop a brand that creates some cohesiveness for the 28 or so government entities in Colorado. Who knew?

If you'd like to learn more about it from the designers themselves, you can check out Justin Fuller's clarifying comment here or dive into this Tumblr site, featuring the comprehensive collection and story of work Berger & Föhr produced on behalf of the state.

We're hoping the communication from the client and those individuals involved can improve moving forward. This is taxpayer dollars at work, after all, and clearly a ton of time and effort is going into the project.


Tax dollers being spend where? We were told this is a non pay job from initial team submission posts.

The implementation of all this is going to cost the state money.

I worked on helping to rebrand the Colorado Lottery a few years back along with quietly helping to rebrand some internal departments at the state level. It was no easy task. And pushing it up through the appropriate channels required an enormous amount of patience and persistence. I can only imagine what these guys are going through trying to get this accomplished.

I think there is some very solid thinking behind Berger & Föhr's approach and there was absolutely no way to discern that from the first post. That's not anyone's fault, but I think it's beneficial to investigate the entire integrated approach as opposed to just looking at one image or one logo.

Berger is trying to develop a system and that's the right way to go in my opinion. I was sold after the long scroll on how well they've thought through the integration into the materials.

It's gonna be a long and difficult process to get this completed and implemented. And it will be very expensive. It sure would be nice to see a more minimal and modern approach taken especially considering that once this is done it will likely go unchanged for at least another decade. I much prefer the idea of the logo and branding supporting the beautiful imagery of our state as opposed to dominating it. I think Berger's head is in the right place with his approach.

There is a reason tourism is up, real estate prices continue to climb and businesses our moving into this state. It's about the progressive people we have here and their tendency to lead instead of follow. I think you can see that so far with some of the thinking going into this rebrand and that's a positive thing.

Keep up the great work everyone involved and thank you for undertaking this monumental task. It's a worthwhile effort.

2 cents for what it's worth.

Should you fine Egotisticals take it upon yourselves to reach out for clarification, one question I would have is:
If this is an internal (inter-governmental) effort, why the big initial push to make the effort, and the site public?

Got it. Thanks for the clarification. I like the Berger & Föhr Colorado Identity because of how it is and can be applied across so many tactics, and I like Justin's as well - the thoughtful use of the state shape and the font make it as applicable across mediums as well (nice drivers license mockup in particular)...,good work everyone.

The more I look at all of this the more remarkable I find it. It is really fantastic work on its own merit, However. I am from Colorado and have lived here a majority of my life, and I am not really getting the colorado feel from the mark itself.

On an intelectual level, I love everything about it. Berger & Föhr are masters. I think it is amazingly thought out and expertly crafted. But it just does not feel right when I apply it to my thoughts of this place we live.
It may be too clever, doesn't feel like a natural overlay... too clean?

I could totally be wrong on this, curious to hear others thoughts?

It's a beautiful identity, but feels like it's done for the sake of a swiss modern case study. It still feels nothing like Colorado. We are not Europe. And we're not trying to be. And really, does nobody see that we're below the bar? It does not visually communicate "raising" in any way.

The only thing remarkable here, is how easily duped people are by B&F's "process".

Good point about the concept of the bar, it just doesn't work in any spatial relationship with the CO. If the bar is above CO you can say, "Colorado is below the bar", or if the bar is below CO it could be said that we are "setting the bar low", it could easily be misconstrued.

I really enjoyed seeing their process as well and it is a huge insight into what went on and how we got there. The brief is well written and there are plenty of examples of execution and thought process. Still not sold at all that it is applicable to the state of Colorado more so than and other state or anything else for that matter. It seems to me to be a clean contemporary design for the sake of that. It fits very well with the rest of the work from B&F but IMHO just does not address CO in a appropriate fashion.

This came out on Brand New today, very similar:

Keep up the hard work y'all – enjoyed seeing the process.

Perfect, a floating doobie above the CO! Colorado High baby.

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