Denver's Legwork Creates Stapleton in Miniature for Visitors Center

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After a decade of development in Stapleton, Forest City expanded north of I-70 and introduced their newest neighborhood, Conservatory Green. Their approach for the sales center was to not only show the home types and amenities offered, but to set the tone for a community that has yet to be developed. To do so, Legwork installed a video wall that featured a 15-minute looping composition of video and photography with motion graphics to support the content. The stop motion interstitials featured below were intended to evoke the principles upon which the community was founded.

For each sequence, Legwork built miniature sets, hand painted figurines, constructed bird houses, learned that buying a hot Styrofoam knife made more sense than using a saw, and spent plenty of nights in the production room in their pajamas. Legwork friends at Dynamite Laser Beam took it to the next level by creating a custom score and sound effects.


that's frame-by-frame awesomeness at it's best. the sound design is killer too. Great job guys!

Totally cool.

Impressive, as usual. Nice job, Legworkians.

Awesome to the max!!

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