CP+B Releases 'Producer's Mixtape' Sharing Their Secrets to Preventing Bad Work #DontLetBadWorkHappen

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CP+B has just released a new agency project called the Producer's Mixtape. It's a series of checklists that prevent against making mistakes in the creation of any digital experience or product, and fit nicely inside a cassette box. The Mixtape guides CP+B's process for every digital product and experience they create.

They’re releasing the Producer’s Mixtape (version 3.0) as a downloadable kit complete with a file for 3D-printing your own cassette box. They’re hoping to help the industry make the Internet a better place by preventing bad work from happening. Released under a Creative Commons 3.0 license, they want everybody (agencies, web developers, digital producers) to use it, edit it, make it their own, and even put their logo on it. Go ahead, steal their secrets. It'll make the internet better for all.


Funny they should do that on the day they lost yet another account... Old Navy. As I say on "AdScam" This is the agency that has subjected us to Orville Deadenbacher, Miller Man Laws, VW’s mad Nazi scientist, Justin and Ozzie for BestBuy, Burger King’s King, which tanked sales every year of the seven years they had the account… And the single TV spot they did for Nike that got them fired before they were officially appointed. Hmmm, when it comes to avoiding bad work, perhaps they should consider the old saw... Physician, heal thyself.

I like the idea of releasing tools like this. There are a lot of smart people (generally not in leadership roles) at CP+B. I just wish they'd put their own stamp on stuff. From No Dead Ends to stuff like this, they seem to just compile old information, put some lipstick on it and push it out the door like they're reinventing something. I've heard enough from the likes of Reilly/Keller about being "integrated"...let your fresh brains speak.

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