Factory Swag, Now for Sale

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Factory Design Labs just launched a storefront selling FDL-branded tees, belts, socks and hats — in case you want to represent. The stuff's inspired by "mountains, oceans, fairways and streets the world over."


When you can't make ads...make hats.

really, why would anyone want to buy Factory branded stuff? Oh wait, knowing the rep of their CEO, all employees are probably required to wear them everyday, so I guess they'll sell it there.

I can't believe they're not also offering fixed-gear bikes and roll-your-own tobacco to go along with the rest of the self-serving hipster goods!

So stupid. Are they that out of touch and egotistical to think people would want to wear Factory logo'd merchandise? I think I just answered my own question.

I'm not opposed to shops selling merchandise - most are, after all, staffed by creatives with talent that extends far beyond the monitor. Josh Wills (a CD at Factory) and his wife have more fashion experience in this town than just about all of us... combined. I feel it's commendable for a shop to make an investment in their creatives exploring mediums outside their day to day work. Stupid, perhaps (who does buy this stuff?). But still commendable. I can't speak to whatever evil intentions you all think the company has with this - but for the creatives who got to have a little fun, why hate on that?

So rather that just saying "that's dumb" or "you suck hipster", here's my constructive criticism. You're not Supreme. You're not Benny Gold. By all means make some cool shit but do it with some class. I think the tshirts are well done because the brand is understated and each designer shines in them. The hat and socks however, have enough ego to make Alex B. wonder why he didn't think of it first.

Just my opinion.

It is a bit odd that a service company would move into consumer goods. But really, is this any different than other brand's logo wear? Kinda? Yes?

I like the look but I'm a tad confused. Does Factory have a following outside of their current design service clientele? Is this for designers and developers?

Oh well... props to some cool swag! I'll rock those orange socks when they go on sale :)

They're certainly not the first to hawk their branded merchandise. Seems I recall Charles S. Anderson watches many years ago. And then there's Cabell Harris' WORK gear.


But if you're gonna offer it outside the agency walls, it better be pretty cool. Or risk bringing down the wrath of the design community on head.

Mellin will make everyone buy it and wear it to work.

Who else would buy this crap?

I saw Jason Shiskowsky wearing one of those hats. The mix of grey colors really brought out the red in his beard.

I'm holding out till I can get my hands on some K & H Sunglasses!

I don't know why you trolls are all worked up about this. It's just a basic store with some swag in it. Take it for what it is and take your hate elsewhere.

It's nothing new for companies to create their own swag. But generally it's a giveaway to their clients. Like any vendor would do.

Not sure who's gonna pay for it.

Mellin should make his own line of $1000 underwear, but instead of Factory paying for it, you the consumer can!

Just when I thought 2013 was going to be the year that nobody hates Factory Design Labs. Seriously people get the fuck over yourselves. If this doesn't apply to you then shut the fuck up. Nobody wants to hear it.

I've got a slightly used pair of McClain Finlon tighty whitiesif anyone is interested. $200.

sounds like a few people have their factory panties in a bunch over people saying mean things about their heros!

Whether a brand fan or not, self promotion is always a good idea. There's some nice work there and I strongly suggest looking into creating your own swag instead of creating un-constructive criticisms.

Denver represents! I'll wear theirs if they wear mine.

yes, nothing like telling all your clients and potential clients that you don't even understand your own brand and it's position in it's market with your own failed self promo swag. good idea.

Should we all exhibit this failed sense of marketing and branding by selling our own over priced branded gear, that only our employees and clients will wear?

or should we hold these high profile local agencies to a higher standard, cause they are who (sometimes unfortunately) are the face of our community?

or should we just continue to jerk them off for every stupid thing they do, and accept mediocre ideas as awesome for our design community?

I want it stated for the record that my comment wasn't negative towards FDL at all.

I saw Jason on New Year's Eve and he indeed looked handsome in his grey hat.

Fact. Josh Wills does indeed have a rock'n awesome beard. Especially when he wears his Factory hat.

that is all.

Lee, are you having fun working on the regional marketing efforts for Weber grills? Sounds like you have way too much time on your hands posting your opinion.

complaining is lazy - get off your fat asses and make the change if you want it

This is not Lee.

i would buy a Crispin Porter 5 panel
if they sold them

Can't take this serious until they have better catalog pics with real models
Think "Abecrombie meets The Colorado store"

This actually makes me really sad to work in advertising. Soon to be known as a community of jerks, not creatives.

"Lee, are you having fun working on the regional marketing efforts for Weber grills? Sounds like you have way too much time on your hands posting your opinion."

Anonymous (not verified)
January 10th, 2013, 11:07am

If I ever post anything on DE, I certainly don't do it anonymously. And I certainly wouldn't comment on hats and belts. Like the socks though.
Roll Tide!

The gear is fun for the team to work on, and the store is a working example of the eCommerce capabilities of their Protosite CMS.

I doubt they care if you buy anything- it's not the stuff on the site they're selling.


I also have some lightly used orange underwear for sale, since that's what this thread seems to have turned into. PM me for more info and pics.

world domination t-shirt... yet, they only have 3 locations. you don't see AKQA who has an office in every nook of every country in the world saying anything about world domination.

lol 'swag'

This comment thread is the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

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