Denver Creative Director Matt Ingwalson Wrote a Mystery You Can Read

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As if being a CD at Karsh Hagan wasn't enough, Matt Ingwalson has found the time to write and release a novel. It's a mystery called The Single Staircase and it's an entertaining and quick read. While it's definitely worth the reasonable rate he's charging ($4 for Kindle, $8 for paperback), the fact that he's donating 100% of the profits to charity makes it more than worth the cost. Go grab it and see what you think.

Buy it for Kindle or Buy it in paperback.


As VP of your fan club....congratulations!!! Awesome accomplishment!

Thanks for the link, Egotist! Amy Moyer did the cover art - I found her on this very site. And I am giving 100% of the profits to charity, not proceeds. Subtle distinction, but I just want to make sure it's clear. Hope people like it!

damn man. super rad.

Got it updated. Thanks, Matt.

Dude, good for you Matt. Seriously. Inspiring. Keep it up.

A novel is traditionally 50k words long, albeit the average, these days, is between 80-100k. Unless the font is tiny or Amazon misquoted the page numbers, this is novella length. Nothing against or for the content as I haven't read it.

Handy guide to knowing how to categorize your prose:

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