40 Photographers, 40 Faces, 40 Years of Choice

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Denver photographer Allen Birnbach partnered with long-time Colorado creative Jeff Martin on a project for NARAL Pro-Choice America in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision on January 22nd.

Jeff, now Creative Director at gmmb in Washington, D.C. (the agency that handled the 2012 Obama campaign), came up with the idea of having 40 photographers shoot 40 portraits of women as a timelapse video. The campaign, called Choice Out Loud, is in support of an initiative to inspire young people on the issue of choice. Birnbach was the only photographer from Colorado selected to be involved.

Given the direction to bring ethnicity to the project, Allen reached out to local model agencies for talent. Yosselin Marquez from Nxt|Model was chosen and wardrobe was provided by Cry Baby Ranch in Larimer Square. Kari Kisch helped with hair and makeup. The result was a six second timelapse video that was then incorporated into a larger video with the work of the other photographers. To learn more about how the piece was produced, check out Allen's blog.


Great concept, execution and good example of when and when NOT to use time lapse/still frame video/whatever you want to call it these days. The "progression" images are great (make up being applied or hair getting cut) but the others would be better suited for 60 or 120fps video. Just my opinion. Much respect.

Interesting video. This was made to celebrate people making up their own unjustifiable "rights." It almost makes murder look pretty.

So sad. So many millions of lives, probably half of whom are little girls, that were taken in the name of "choice." When will we learn to truly love? Time for women to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Popping ballons/bubbles seems like a poor choice of imagery.

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