More Ways to Voice Your Anti-Lance Stance

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Inevitably, anti-Armstrong paraphernalia is rampant across the internet by now. But if you want to support a Colorado designer in your stance against the man in yellow, check out the LIE STRONG t-shirts and stickers from Denver's Eric Frazier. They're pretty nice. No lie.


You right, anyone who raises a half billion dollars for cancer is such a dick. Let's all make shirts that speak against him.

But I bet Eric Frazier will really put the money he raises to good use. Maybe even pay to take a graphic design class to fix his shitty art work.

Wow, speaking of dicks....

You're probably right, a guy who lied and cheated his way into millions of dollars while ruining countless careers must be a stand up guy.

Hey comment guy #1, chill out, it's okay that you got one of these for Christmas. Just peal the decals off your trainer and replace them with your choice of "I heart bolder paraphernalia."

I am going to have to agree with comment 1.

He lied, yes. He cheated, yes. But so did everyone he was racing... Lance simply got caught later than the others...

He didn't murder anyone, rape anyone. He is no Jerry Sandusky...

And you can't argue with raising 470 million dollars, even if it was through a lie. Have you ever seen a lie benefit millions of people like this has? Lance still has a fan in me.

cantador still sucks.

The real question is, if Lance dopes/bikes a race in the woods, does anyone see him win?

As someone that has personally been helped by the Livestrong Foundation, I can tell you first hand that Lance certainly did a lot more good in this world then he did bad. You don't have to like him, but you don't need to make shirts or decals to speak against him. Just let him be.


So why would you put that on your bike?

well it's nice to know colorado designers aren't above picking off the low hanging fruit.

long live livestrong, despite the lance apologists. no one has to keep their lance love schtick going in order to support the foundation.

while recovering, this asshat marched around the world acting like poster boy for survivorship. at the exact same time he was repeatedly and knowingly injecting himself with cell growth accelerating dope, and pushing his body in ways that compromised his immune system. if anyone can name a WORSE model for cancer survivorship than lance armstrong, i'm buying the drinks.

Yes, but you have to admit that Livestrong does not turn into what it is today, and help as many people, or raise as much money... unless he did what he did. His actions BUILT Livestrong, whether you like it or not.

I like it because it looks like a cock n balls.

cock n ball would be better, since colorado designers aren't above picking off low hanging fruit. One of those circles should be deleted.

He was stripped of this 7 Tour medals and an olympic bronze metal. Funny, that the people that are next in line to receive these medals all have doping scandals too. The people that create this anti-Lance schwag must live pathetic lives. Don't hate the player... hate the game.

^ the difference is that nobody outside boulder gives a shit about any other cyclists. Lance brought mainstream popularity to the sport so of course his transgressions are magnified. A broader section of the population will know what "lie strong" means, pathetic or not. Don't hate the tshirt making player, hate the game.

Yeah, he's such a great man for making millions to fight a disease (and very likely, fill his own bank account) that probably already has a cure. A cure that's likely under wraps so it doesn't put a huge percentage of the other liars and thieves in the medical community out of business.

^ people like you are what is fucked with this world, not lance.

i think you should just re read what you wrote, think about it, and then go fuck yourself.

It is odd how many Lance supporters are on here...... getting almost violent over attacking this silly t-shirt. PR team perhaps?

Lance is a narcissistic ass. Those of us in the industry have known it for years. He has actively destroyed people's lives in order to protect his lie. His foundation may have raised a lot of money, but that doesn't excuse his absolute wretched behavior. Other cyclists may have doped, but none protected themselves by destroying others.

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