Karsh Hagan's Colorado Tourism Ads Prove Beautifully Lucrative for the State

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After long begging the tourism office to get the work back in the hands of people at a Colorado-based agency who know this state best, we've lauded Karsh's Colorado advertising work over the last year for how exceptionally well it captures the magic of what makes this place great. So, it gave us great pleasure to read in The Denver Post yesterday that people outside of Colorado are being moved by the work too.

"Research found that the Colorado Tourism Office's $4.5 million "Come to Life" television and print ad campaign, which ran in target markets in April, May and August, stirred $898 million in spending in the state. [That's incremental spending from people who saw the campaign and visited Colorado based on seeing it.] That doubles the return on investment from previous ad campaigns."

What else needs to be said, other than thank you for giving Colorado such a great name — in more ways than one.


Hi fives and chest bumps to Karsh and all the creatives that worked on it!

Beautiful. Nice work!

holy crap!!! That was good.

I've been wondering where I've seen this before. And I finally realized what "inspired" this campaign:


Click on "watch trailer", and decide if you think it's either inspiration or a total lift from Terence Malick.

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