OtterBox Armor Series - New Motion Piece from Denver's Friends Of Mine

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While you may not survive a nuclear blast, we're pretty sure the new line of Armor cases by Fort Collins-based OtterBox will still be here — and your phone along with it. They say it's the toughest case ever built and we believe it.

With a schedule of just a few days, Friends Of Mine busted out this mega-gnarly spot that showcases the ultra-mighty features of the Armor Series. Featuring, of course, the always superb sound design from Dynamite Laser Beam.

Client Creative Director: Eric Ronshaugen
Client Senior Art Director: Kyle Grummun
Client Brand Manager: Dave Goldfain
Production Company: Friends of Mine
Creative Director: Adam Espinoza
Exec. Producer: Mike Slane
Design and Animation: Adam Espinoza, Jeremy Lindenmier, Jason Schwarz
Additional Design: Jean Pichot
Audio and Sound Effects: Dynamite Laser Beam


Super sick you guys!

Damn it... I give up. Sick spot guys.

These guys just don't quit! So good...

Love this spot, guys. Nicely done. Aggressive. Juiceadelic.

Nice work, gentlemen!

DANG!!!!! all that 3D in a couple days, you guys are killing it!!!

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