Boulder's Skratch Labs Makes a Sports Drink (and Commercial) That Doesn't Suck

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Just snarky enough. Reminds us of Dollar Shave Club's piece of goodness from a few months back. More on Skratch Labs here.


this is almost 10% funny

Who did the video?

This a pathetic Dollar Shave Club ripoff, but at least the audio between cuts doesn't sound mashed up...wait a minute

While they're definitely copying the dollar shave club, hence the guy near the end getting his head shaved, it's a pretty good clip.

You are wrong. This totally sucks.

It's obvious they are aware they are copying dollar shave club- did you see the photo on the door as it closes on the guy getting his head shaved? I'd say it's an homage more than anything.

Totally an homage but, unfortunately, all it made me want to do was watch the dollar shave club ad. Which I did, and enjoyed it more. Unfortunately.

I like it. I don't like all you anonymous, grouchy, a-holes.

I agree with Jen. It's easy to go on a website and criticize shit you couldn't even make yourself and hide as anonymous.

It's called constructive criticism. Leave a note as to how the filmmaker might have done better, don't talk shit and hide like a talentless hack. Anyone can have an opinion, it actually takes balls to put your work out in public for people to see.

Agreed! This website should be sign-in to leave a comment.

So you're saying consumers can have no opinions on the things used to market and advertise towards them?

Especially when the egotist themselves offer up the video with an opinion of their own?

Should everyone who likes it offer the exact reasons why they think it's good? is that stuff always quantifiable?

Yah, some anonymous comments suck, but you also take that with the sometimes annoying "omg this is so awesome!"

i guess that means you can never have an opinion on movies, music or professional sports, if you can't create that stuff yourself?

As for sign-in, i may be mistaken, but can't you just make throwaway account?

Have all the opinions you want, but realize people in our creative community submit work to get peer feedback, not to hear how opinionated you are, or how superior you THINK you are. Post it on your facebook page with your negativity, let's treat TDE and its contributors as the valuable community resource it is. It's great that they post local work, and of course we don't all like all of it it all the time.

If you don't like it, speak up. But be respectful of the fact that the creator it likely reading your comment. You can offer a critique without being an ass hole.

Watch the background at 1:15

My bit of constructive criticism is this: I like the plain honesty and the low-production value feel. I feel they get away from the simple truth of their product end when they make a condescending assertion that an all-natural product performs and tastes better than "synthetics".

Steroids work and they aren't all-natural.

ok Anonymike, how do you know what is submitted, and what's just posted? not too long ago TDE posted about another logo contest gone wrong, with the obvious reason for everyone to shit on it. they didn't submit that work to be shit on, but of course it's cool for the community to do so, and even expected.

at some point it's just internet bullying. you're only allowed to criticize, if big brother lets you.

should we just sugar coat all opinions? imo, that's not how you improve as a designer. I think most people are smart enough to filter out the petty stuff, and if not, maybe your'e not ready for the internet.

obviously the TDE is a great local resource, but shouldn't we hold them to the same if not greater standards then the rest of us?

if they are going to offer opinions, good or bad, shouldn't we be allowed to?

I don't know why i bother. everyone is right on the internet. especially designers. has a designer ever been wrong in their own minds?

All I'm saying is don't be an ass hole, if you can help it. If you can't, well, go ahead and stay anonymous.

anyone who works in the larger realm of marketing & advertising knows that we rank among the bottom 11% of society that is perceived as being the least honest and ethical. keep this in mind next time you want to tune in to this site and navel gaze with the rest of us.

I like the super bullet infomercial guy more better.

the talent in this is too subdued, a different actor
could have made this work, it feels flat and trying to be funny
which is never funny

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