Denver's Impossible Asks, "Dude, Can You Tank That?"

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To launch an all-new season of the Animal Planet series “Tanked,” Denver-based Impossible produced a fun campaign wrapped around the show’s quirky personalities, humor and inventiveness. The spot combines live action and CG to augment reality — as the guys go head-to-head in the ultimate tank-off.


well done. nice concept.

Great work! Brian Eloe is a badass director.


The spot is waay cooler than the actual show. Nice work.

Speaking of tanked, isn't Impossible going under? Heard they laid off quite a bit of their staff recently.....

I heard most the staff is freelance with the exception of a few.

Going under? Crap!

Stay tuned...

No way. That's impossible. They just did a full rebrand, the work is getting better and the clients are getting better! Don't drink the kool-aid.

They've had a hold on some of the best talent in town for a good part of this year. Seems like they are doing great and good for them. Why wish bad upon fellow creatives in this town? Doing good is good for everyone.

Great work. Eloe is indeed the man! Not sure as to the coolness of the actual show as I have never seen it, but the spot itself is really sweet.

This doesn't look like work from a company that's going under. The rumors of "tanking" are probably just stemming from the announcement on their site that one of their partners jumped ship yesterday, and because it appears all the staff photos have been removed since their site was posted here a week or so ago.

Yes, Brian is indeed an amazing director. It is too bad Impossible couldn't stay open and hang on to the talented people who made the company.

So are they actually closing then? Did the partners call it quits?

They ain't going anywhere. Put staff on freelance and moved on without Urbano. Too good to just call it quits, guaranteed. Just changing their biz model.

Impossible can't close! I need my emotionography!

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