#SiteLaunch: Applied Broadband – Via Boulder's Mondo Robot

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Makes use of interactive video and some sweet HTML5 scrolling — all backed by Wordpress. Sharp-looking too. Visit the site.


quite a slick site.

1. Basically all the content loads in modal windows,.....really?
2. Non-responsive design. With such a simple site it should adapt to the users device etc...
3. Not sure that "timeline" counts as an interactive video...

I'm curious to know how much the client had to pay for this thing, my guess would be way too much.

Yeah... kind of seems like just a modified template to be honest, something even straight from Themeforest. Oh well

One of the better sites I've seen posted on the Egotist lately.

"Basically all the content loads in modal windows,.....really?"

This is actually a pretty hot trend right now. Believe it or not, small sites can all fit on a single page.

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