P.INK Presents Tattoos as Healing Option for Mastectomy Patients – Via CP+B

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After a mastectomy, many breast cancer survivors are left with scars and, often, no nipples. This is a problem that reconstructive surgery cannot always solve. In response to this challenge, P.INK has launched a first-of-its-kind online platform to educate survivors about an alternative healing option: tattoos.

We previously reported on Personal Ink (P.INK) — a site staged on Pinterest, and launched by CP+B, that provides post-mastectomy tattoo inspiration, ideas and artist information to breast cancer survivors.

To showcase the healing potential of reconstructive ink, today P.INK debuts a video documenting one survivor’s experience. The video chronicles Los Angeles breast cancer survivor Molly Ortwein getting a seven-hour scar coverage tattoo. Through the early beta version of P.INK, Ortwein connected with Miami-based tattoo artist Colby Butler, who inked her two-year-old mastectomy scars this past January.

“I was the last person you’d expect to get a tattoo,” said Ortwein. “But I rethought my options after my doctor told me that I wouldn’t get my nipples back. My coverage tattoos gave me the confidence to close that chapter and move forward.”

“We created P.INK to give women like Molly a new tool for moving on,” said Noel Franus, who created P.INK as a non-profit passion project at Boulder's CP+B. He is also Molly’s brother-in-law. “When reconstruction doesn’t cut it, we want to give survivors a chance to re-envision themselves with an entirely blank slate.”

Inspiring work.


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