New 'Heart Strings' Spot for Centura Health – Via Vladimir Jones

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Nice to look at, for sure. Changethethought made it pretty.

CD/CW: Ryan Johnson
AD: Matthew Sharpe, Chris Powell
Account Group Director: Karol Norie
Director of Integrated Production: Tristan Olson
VFX/Edit: Changethethought
Post-Production: Riposte
Sound Design & Mix: Coupe Studios


Live action, 3d and edit were done by Changethethought.

That anonymous comment is so anonymous.

Sorry, I was too lazy to login. Can't remember my damn password.

Nice job to all involved

this is a beautiful ad, but the copy says absolutely nothing. you could substitute any hospital's name in here and it would change nothing. i wonder if that was more from client requests or from vj, but either way it's sad that the ad doesn't speak to the consumer outside of being eye candy.

if you've ever had to write copy for a healthcare client, you'd see that this is good.

Not impressed.

@Jordan: I work with people who do, and I've read much better.

Ahh, well, anonymous. Hard for me to comment on that, since, well, I'm commenting with someone who can't even tell me who they are.

Nice work, VJ. I'd stand by it.

@ Jordan: You're an Account Coordinator, right?

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