• The Grawlix Enjoy an Insufferable Brunch — Via Denver's Nix Bros.

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    Denver's Nix Bros. have released a new comedy video starring local comedy trio, The Grawlix. It'll make you feel incredibly uncomfortable. We love it.

  • 26 New Jobs This Week, 120 Total

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    26 new full-time, freelance and internship jobs posted this week, with 120 total on the list. Log in as a member to see the latest. Post your jobs here to tap into the best local talent.

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    [Freelance] Sales Consultant - MBR Studios, Denver

    [Full-Time] Account Planner - Cactus, Denver

    [Internship] Graphic Designer - The Social Route, Denver

    [Internship] Digital Marketing - Mobile Solutions, Centennial

    [Freelance] WordPress / HTML/CSS Developer - Creative Circle, Denver

    [Internship] Junior Web Developer - WORKHORSE 45, Centennial/Littleton

    [Freelance] Web Producer / Project Manager - Creative Circle, Englewood

    [Full-Time] Website Content Development/Writer - FULL TIME - IN HOUSE ONLY - Page 1 Solutions, LLC, Golden

    [Full-Time] Creative Designer - ThinkTank, Denver

    [Full-Time] Production & Account Manager - Ellen Bruss Design, Inc., Denver

    [Full-Time] Digital Designer - Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation, Aurora


    [Freelance] Graphic Designer - Ad Agency - Print/Web - Creative Circle, Denver

    [Full-Time] Account Manager - Carbon8, Denver

    [Full-Time] Agency Trafficker - On Board Experiential Marketing, Boulder

    [Full-Time] Senior Copywriter - Wells Fargo, Oakland or Charlotte

    [Full-Time] Senior Art Director - Wells Fargo, Oakland or Charlotte

    [Full-Time] Copywriter - Greenhouse Partners, Boulder

    [Full-Time] Junior Designer & Production Coordinator - 5280 Publishing Inc., Denver

    [Internship] Marketing / Social Media Intern (Unpaid) - Bhakti Chai, Boulder

    [Full-Time] Account Manager - Elevated Third, Denver

    [Internship] Digital Media Intern - Windowseat, Denver

    [Internship] Design Intern - Spoke Marketing, St. Louis

    [Freelance] Graphic Designer - Maven Publishing LLC, Denver

    [Full-Time] Senior Brand Manager - Thanasi Foods, Boulder

    [Freelance] Account Executive - Johnny Alamo Entertainment, Boulder

  • Painful casting tapes.

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    A lot of us have been there…


  • ColorWare Custom MacBook Pro

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    Ever thought about having ColorWare make a custom-colored MacBook Pro for you? Here's how they do it.


  • GRAVITY - Exclusive Alternate Scene

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  • Social Soul - a cool digital, social environment.

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    Social Soul is an immersive digital experience inspired by the question: how does it feel to be inside someone else's social media stream? Created for Delta Air Lines, the official airline sponsor of TED2014, MKG collaborated with artists' Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald to design an experience that brings to life a user's Twitter stream in a larger-than-life structure where their social media profile is on display in a 360-degree stream of monitors, mirrors and sound. The experience starts with the stream of the person visiting, it next uses a custom algorithm to match participants with other TED attendees and speakers, displaying their social stream. After exiting, users and their connected "Soul Mate" receive a tweet encouraging offline connections and conversation. The entire project uses seven different languages of code to handle everything from scripting to styling. The sound is a mixture of generative audio and music composed in Live.

    Social Soul from MKG on Vimeo.

  • Honey Maid gives a big, giant middle finger of love to bigots.

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    Three weeks or so ago, Honey Maid debuted a wonderful spot featuring loving families of all combinations. It shouldn't be news in this day and age, but unfortunately it brought the haters out of the woodwork.

    Instead of kowtowing to the pressure, Honey Maid is doubling down on the family = love message and used the hate mail to generate even more goodwill.

  • Groupon returns with non-racist commercial

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    After screwing up royally with a panned Super Bowl spot featuring some arguably racially insensitive copy, Groupon disappeared from the airwaves for a while. Well, now they're back with something a little less controversial.

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