• Denver's Boa Chases the Korean Market in New Print and Video Campaign

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    The in-house creative team at Boa Technology recently teamed up with Image Brew and Chip Kalback. Focused on Boa’s outdoor brands in South Korea, the crew shot three distinct videos as well as photography for a print campaign in just three days in San Diego. Luckily, the weather cooperated this year and they had just about perfect weather in January. These ads will run in Korean magazines that are similar to Outside Magazine here in the US, and the videos will run on each brands website as well as at trade events. Good stuff, you guys.

    Production Company: Image Brew
    Director/DP: Ben Jones
    Editing & Animation: Evan Nix
    Photography: Chip Kalback
    Art Direction: Claire Sprague (Boa)
    Account Management: Mike De La Rosa (Boa)

  • The Most Attention Grabbing Newspaper Ad We've Seen in a While

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    While print is a dying breed, Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar proves it's not yet a dying art. This ad's for Corona Kitchen and it plays with an ingenious optical illusion that makes it look as though a miniature kitchen has been embedded within the classified ads. Wonderful work.


  • Social Mural Project from BDW and Gary Hirsch — Bot Stories: Boulder

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    Artist Gary Hirsch originally drew bots as a kid to face his nightmares head-on. Today, he creates these bots as a catalyst to spark meaningful conversations between strangers, friends or yourself.

    With 25,000 small bots already scattered across multiple cities, Gary’s newest iteration will be giant murals painted on under-utilized public wall space in Boulder. These bots will be accompanied by a set of operating instructions that encourages viewers to take digital photographs and videos in front of a bot and post their own personal answer with the hashtag #botstoriesboulder to questions like:

    Joy Bot: What brings you joy?
    Creativity Bot: What inspires you?
    Love Bot: Who do you love?
    Dream Bot: What’s your dream?
    Help Bot: What do you need help with?

    Gary’s bots have been driving encouragement in countless ways; “Brave Bots” have helped young patients at Randall Children’s hospital gain encouragement when they need it the most and interactive “Joy Bots” in cities like Portland, New York, Las Vegas and London have put smiles on countless faces.

    Gary's latest six-day art and digital communication project will begin on April 26th and will lead to him emceeing the BDW-hosted event called RE: a fun and inspiring creative celebration that encourages us to re-think, re-imagine and re-design in a world where permanent beta is permanent. RE: will showcase startup team demos from BDW’s designer-founder accelerator and will feature creative hacks of technology.

    Register for the event here.

  • Coldplay: Magic

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    Coldplay’s latest is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Directed by Jonas Akerlund, “Magic” is its own short film starring Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Ziyi Zhang and Chris Martin in two parts. Picture a 1920s silent film, complete with beautifully decorated title cards and quick scene transitions, and you’ve got Akerlund’s latest masterpiece.

  • #ShitToHit: Tomorrow – Pivotal Labs' Mike Gehard on the Who, What, Where, Why, How & When of Meditation for Developers

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    Do you ever have those days when it seems like your thoughts just wander all over the place? Do you ever have those days when it seems like you are unstoppable while developing? The difference between those days is simply a different level of focus.

    Meditation is a time tested practice that allows us to improve our focus. As we improve our focus, we improve our ability to work more efficiently. As we work more efficiently, the quality of our work improves.

    This talk — by Mike Gehard, Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal Labs — will explain who, what, where, why, how and when of meditation in everyday terms. It will present some information about how our brains works. It will explain why focus is so important in the connected world we live in. It will present some simple steps that anyone can follow to improve their focus. Finally, it will try to convince all in attendance that developing software can benefit from a simple meditation practice.

    Event Schedule
    6:30PM - Drinks, Food, Camaraderie
    7:00PM(ish) - Talk + Q&A
    After - Networking

    Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 6:30 PM
    Galvanize: 1062 Delaware Street, Denver, CO (map)
    Register Now

  • Bike Tire-Created Print Celebrates NY's Rise as a Cycling City

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    'The Cyclist's Empire' is a celebration of New York’s rise as a cycling city. 7 different types of bicycle tire tracks were used to create the Empire State Building, to reflect New York’s ever-growing tribe of cyclists — from the daily commuter to the delivery boy. Bummer it's sold out.

  • New Account Wins for Colorado Agencies

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    If you have additional account wins we're not aware of, throw them down below in the comments. Let's use this thread to show off all the mojo Colorado's got right now.

    :: Boulder's Grenadier is on fire, adding Griffin Technology (consumer brand strategy, integrated creative development, production); Apex Sports Group (mobile-based brand ambassador program); Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants (AOR); SolidFire (website, digital marketing campaign); Woody Creek Distillers (brand strategy, integrated creative campaign).

    :: The Hong Kong Beer Co., out of Chai Wan, Hong Kong, has named Denver's Cultivator Advertising & Design as advertising agency of record.

    :: Following a 3-month review, independently owned Deschutes Brewery, out of Bend, Oregon, has named TDA_Boulder as advertising agency of record.

    :: Denver's Vladimir Jones has added Smashburger and Live Basil Pizza to their roster.

  • Six GoPros Later — And You're Living on Your Own Tiny Planet

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    Jonas Ginter pulled off this amazing effect using 6 GoPro cameras in a 3D printed mount. Here's more on how he did it, in German.

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