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    We've got to say, these Facebook spots are growing on us. They're simple, tie directly to a product benefit and are acted in a way that doesn't seem "acted" at all. Very nice.

  • "Tailored For Flight" Teaser

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  • Ogilvy & Mather's "Freedom Candles" for Amnesty International

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    Here's a really fantastic idea: Amnesty International Freedom Candles designed by globally renowned artists, coarse. 30 limited edition candles up for eBay auction April 19 - 27th. Each candle highlights a human rights injustice. When the candles melt, a beautiful symbol of hope is revealed. #FreedomCandles

    Love, love, love, love, love this.

  • Denver's Sukle Takes Best of Show at the 2014 OBIE Awards

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    The OBIE Awards, which took place last week in Orlando, showcase the best out of home work from around the world. Sukle got a ton of work in the show, including their toilets campaign for Denver Water. It took home Best in Show OBIE. Great work, guys. See Sukle's other winning work here.

  • 28 New Advertising & Marketing Jobs This Week, 111 Total

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    28 new full-time, freelance and internship jobs posted this week, with 111 total on the list. Log in as a member to see the latest. Post your jobs here to tap into the best local talent.

    — — —

    [Freelance] Content Writer and Specialist - The Remington Collaboration, Denver

    [Freelance] Senior Photographer - The Remington Collaboration, Denver

    [Freelance] Search Engine Specialist - The Remington Collaboration, Denver

    [Freelance] Senior Graphic Designer - The Remington Collaboration, Denver

    [Freelance] Photographer - Post 31 Interiors, Denver, Memphis, Nashville

    [Freelance] Senior Developer - The Remington Collaboration, Denver

    [Full-Time] Graphic Design Specialist, Marketing & Communications - Regis University, Denver

    [Full-Time] Graphic Designer - SOAPOINT, Denver

    [Freelance] Social Media Coordinator - Domoto Brands, LLC, Denver

    [Freelance] Radio Show Content Editor/Producer - eTown, Boulder

    [Freelance] PHP developer - Allied Professionals Association, Centennial

    [Full-Time] Account Director - Grit., Denver

    [Full-Time] Graphic Designer - Vision Photography, Littleton

    [Full-Time] Art Director - MercuryCSC, Bozeman

    [Internship] Junior Web Developer - BLKDG, Denver

    [Freelance] Print Advertising Specialist - Fellow Magazine, Denver

    [Full-Time] Copywriter - Paradowski, St. Louis

    [Full-Time] Production Designer - TDA_Boulder, Boulder

    [Full-Time] Account Director - LRXD, Denver

    [Full-Time] Jr. - Mid Art Director - Grit, Denver

    [Internship] Copywriter Intern - Sterling-Rice Group, Boulder

    [Full-Time] graphic designer - match action, Boulder

    [Internship] Social Media Marketing Intern - Financial Social Media, Denver

    [Freelance] Ruby on Rails Developer - Brandfolder, Denver

    [Freelance] Freelance Studio Designer - The Integer Group, Lakewood

    [Freelance] Freelance Production Artist - The Integer Group, Lakewood

    [Full-Time] Designer - Anthem Branding, Boulder

    [Internship] Intern On-Air Design - Starz Entertainment, Englewood

  • The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny By Two Coloradans

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    Part road-trip comedy and part social science experiment, a scientist — marketing and psychology professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, Dr. Peter McGraw — and a journalist — former staff writer for Westword, Joel Warner — detail their epic quest to discover the secret behind what makes things funny in The Humor Code.

    The two "researchers" teamed up on a far-reaching search for the secret behind humor. Their journey spanned the globe, from New York to Japan, from Palestine to the Amazon. Meanwhile, the duo conducts their own humor experiments along the way — to wince-worthy, hilarious and illuminating results.

    In their quixotic search, they questioned countless experts, from Louis C.K. to rat-tickling researchers, and answered pressing (and not-so-pressing) questions such as, “What’s the secret to winning the New Yorker cartoon caption contest?” “Who has the bigger funny bone — men or women, Democrats or Republicans?” and “Is laughter really the best medicine?” As a final test, McGraw uses everything they learned to attempt stand-up — at the largest comedy festival in the world.

    Funny, surprising, and often touching, The Humor Code is a revealing exploration of humor, society and an unusual friendship. The book hit the market April 1 and is available here. The trailer was created by Grey New York.

  • Run An Empire: The Real-World Territory Control Game

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    Run An Empire is a smartphone game that uses local neighborhoods as an arena for play with players competing against each other to capture territory by running or walking around it. It's Risk in real-life, and it's already been fully funded on Kickstarter. Donate more to the cause or just be patient while the app's built and rolled out.

  • Lighting Designer's Business Card Only Visible In Bright Light

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    If you've gotta carry a card, you might as well make it work hard. Agency: GOVT, Singapore.


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