• Sir Richard’s Condom Co.'s Pants-Less Director of Operations Invites You to 'Have Sex, Save Lives'

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    In a :60 web video breaking this week, Boulder's Sir Richard’s Condom Co. reaffirms — and expands — the company’s philanthropic mission: For each condom sold, and now, for each time the video is shared on Facebook, another condom is donated in a developing country, where it can save lives. The video is by TDA_Boulder who probably got a serious eyeful shooting this one.

    CW: Jonathan Schoenberg

    Prod. Co.: ONLYCH1LD, San Francisco
    Dir./Editor/D.P.: Sam Miller
    Editor/Prod.: Jason Stoval

    Post: The MilkHaus, Denver
    Color correct: Dave Krahling

    Sound: Sounds Good!, Littleton, Colo.
    Engineer: Francis Hayes

  • Evian Turns Back the Clock on Spider-Man

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    Kinda fun, ya think?

  • One Day in Denver: A 24-Hour Filming Event for the Future of Our City

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    How do you inspire thousands of people in Denver to document the issues and culture that will define our city for the next 20 years? The answer comes in the form of a citywide film collaboration called Your Day. Your City. Your Future. — a 24-hour filming event that invites locals, including amateur and pro filmmakers and everyday inspired people, to document what’s happening in their communities on April 26, 2014.

    The project comes from the founders of One Day on Earth — the award-winning team behind the first documentary to film in every country in the world during the same 24-hour period of October 10, 2010 (10/10/10). Now they're taking their global movement to the local level. Denver is among 11 American cities that will be featured and have the opportunity to represent the country.

    The project will result in a TV series on the future of American cities that will air on the local PBS affiliate. This is the art of hyper-local storytelling at its very finest. Sign up to participate here.

  • Three New Muzak Vids

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  • Denver Illustrator Brian Edward Miller for Every Mountain

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    Australian-based Every Mountain, helmed by Andrew Wood, wanted to create a distinct look for their online store and point of sales displays in their physical store. To do that, they chose custom illustration from Brian Edward Miller's Orlin Culture Shop.

    "The project started off as two illustrations, but as we explored the themes, topics and color combinations, the project grew to three illustrations with two additional color combinations which Every Mountain used to simulate changing times of day. The site looks fantastic and has a lot of great deals — be sure to check it out."

    Check out Brian's process for creating the pieces on his blog.

  • Fuck the Poor

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  • Denver's Boa Chases the Korean Market in New Print and Video Campaign

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    The in-house creative team at Boa Technology recently teamed up with Image Brew and Chip Kalback. Focused on Boa’s outdoor brands in South Korea, the crew shot three distinct videos as well as photography for a print campaign in just three days in San Diego. Luckily, the weather cooperated this year and they had just about perfect weather in January. These ads will run in Korean magazines that are similar to Outside Magazine here in the US, and the videos will run on each brands website as well as at trade events. Good stuff, you guys.

    Production Company: Image Brew
    Director/DP: Ben Jones
    Editing & Animation: Evan Nix
    Photography: Chip Kalback
    Art Direction: Claire Sprague (Boa)
    Account Management: Mike De La Rosa (Boa)

  • The Most Attention Grabbing Newspaper Ad We've Seen in a While

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    While print is a dying breed, Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar proves it's not yet a dying art. This ad's for Corona Kitchen and it plays with an ingenious optical illusion that makes it look as though a miniature kitchen has been embedded within the classified ads. Wonderful work.


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