• Pure Smarts

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    Denver’s Pure just did something we admire. They were looking to hire someone via the following description which has been posted on The Egotist for a while: “Creative? PR maven? Publicist? Event planner? Stunt person? Sybil?” They told us a hundred people applied for the position – maybe you did too.

    The person they actually landed (and the thinking behind the hire) is what we find so refreshing. Carmel Hagen, one of the contributors at JoshSpear.com (a site we frequent daily) is Pure’s newest resident. Her first task? Freshen up their blog. If you visit their site often, you’ve already noticed a significant and welcome improvement in content during the last week (no offense to the last guy).

    We appreciate Pure’s acknowledgment of blogging and online PR, in general, as one of the most important assets of an agency in promoting itself today. So, send us your work out there. Because you may think you don’t have a blog like Pure, but that’s what we’re here for.

  • UNIQLOCK by Uniqlo

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    The winner of this year’s Grand Clio in interactive is a very interesting site you should visit to witness. Here’s Hypebeast’s explanation of it.

    UNIQLOCK is the latest project by Uniqlo that represents a music dance clock. The clock was created by a variety of different Japanese artists. The time signal was created by Fantastic Plastic Machine, while the “UNIQLOCK” dancers are directed and choreographed by Yuichi Kodama and AIRMAN. A special dance appears every hour titled, “Core of Woomin.” 60 lucky users of the Blog Parts feature will be sent a special Uniqlo branded G-Shock watch.

    This is a solo project by Tomoyuki Tanaka (Fantastic Plastic Machine), active in both Japan and abroad as a DJ/producer. His unique music style, built from his roots in dance music, has won support worldwide. With many offers to DJ overseas, he has to-date, performed in about 50 different cities. In addition to releases of five original albums, he has also released the long awaited Best Hits double album, “FPMB” from avex. Two titles will go on sale on June 4th, as the latest in the DJ-MIX series “Sound Concierge,” which began in 2004 with a compilation of seven pieces that all recorded exceptional sales.

  • Creme That Egg

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    Some hump day joy for yous.

    (Via Boing Boing)

  • The Beautiful Loser Winner

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    Thanks to everyone for getting in on this. The winner for the free movie tickets is Heather Crank for this photo that everyone really loved. Enjoy the flick tomorrow night, everybody.

  • DNCC Selects... Who?

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    This just in from the Denver Business Journal.

    The Democratic National Convention Committee on Thursday gave an Arvada woman the contract to design the credentials for the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

    Kristi King, a graphic designer, will use images and landmarks reflecting Denver’s history. The convention will be held in Denver in August.

    The contract with King is the first time since 1972 that the DNCC has hired a local designer to produce the credentials.

    Pretty juicy assignment for a designer not even the president of AIGA has heard of. Can anyone shed some light on this for the rest of us?

  • Spotlight syntax

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    For those of you on Leopard, we just ran across this really handy article on Leopard’s advanced syntax operators for Spotlight. Basically giving you all sorts of control over your search results (Who made it? When was it made? When was it last edited? etc.)

  • Ink That Stinks

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    There’s a new book out called No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most #$%*ing Ridiculous Tattoos Ever featuring photos of work you’d see on people that would likely be sleeping in the local drunk tank.

    Check out some photo selects and read the book’s forward here.

  • Nest Rotterdam: Benjamin Verdonck, The Great Swallow

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    A nest is hanging high from the Rotterdam Weena Tower. Feathers fly around it. There’s a man in the nest. He nested there only four days ago. He stretches his arms out wide open, as if he wants to fly. But it also seems like he is trying to stay upright (losing his feathers). Some people even think that the man wants to embrace them.

    (Via Scary Ideas)

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