• Arby's, Now Serving Wood

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    This spot is difficult to swallow on many levels. The fact that the man fantasizes about his woman dressing up in Arby’s attire (which makes her look quite dreadful actually), is strange enough. But insinuating that he pops a chubby when she comes out in uniform with a Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich, takes it to a place we find both ridiculous and distasteful. Not only that, but with a single off-color spot, Arby’s brand symbol has forever been tainted – causing us and countless others to think of it as a penis henceforth – and not a cowboy hat or whatever the hell it actually is. Shameful.

  • Volkswagen Polo Blue Motion: Dali & Magritte

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    Illustrator Kirill Chudinskiy knocks our socks off with these pieces for VW. Agency: DDB, Berlin.

    (Via Ads of the World)

  • Ten Kens: Spanish Fly

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    Lovely. Director: Kareem Thompson of Blackbelt Kids.

    Ten Kens – Spanish Fly from epb21 on Vimeo.

  • New Rant: What’s Easier to Put Down Than It is to Lift Up? >>

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    We’re some jaded bastards over here. But every time we read a piece from Felix, the jade starts to fade. Bravo, Felix.

  • Tasty Thinking

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    British grocery store ASDA taps into some sweet design to make sandwich time that much more special. So simple. So delicious.

    From BoingBoing and Brad.

  • This Is Where We Live

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    For its 25th anniversary next year, publishing house, 4th Estate, commissioned London’s Apt House to create a stop-motion film, called This Is Where We Live. The film features an entire city made of cut-outs from the covers and pages of books in the 4th Estate collection. More behind-the-scenes shots at CR Blog.

    This Is Where We Live from 4th Estate on Vimeo.

  • << New Position Posted

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    The Integer Group is searching for a Web Designer, Digital Art Director Type. Job details here.

  • AIGA's Bordo Bello Skateboard Project

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    Here’s some Friday night fun for you. Comprised of 45 design mentor/student teams and a handful of celebrity designer boards (Michael Strassburger of Seattle-based design firm Modern Dog plus Alex Henry, Todd Berger and Lucian Foehr of Colorado’s own cypher13), the Bordo Bello participants were asked to design the underside surface of a skateboard deck to create a unique visual statement. The skateboard decks will be auctioned off for charity on December 12, 2008 at Access Gallery in Denver.

    All proceeds of the auction will be split between two local youth organizations: Youth Design Denver, a summer internship program for high school aged aspiring designers, and Giving Voice a public service initiative by AIGA Colorado and VSA arts of Colorado that pairs professional graphic designers with disabled teens to design public posters that convey some of the many challenges teens face day-to-day living with a disability.

    RSVP here.

    (Cypher13’s addition to the mix of decks.)

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