• Uhhhhhh....

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    We really don’t want to believe she’s as stupid as the Left is painting her, but man she makes it hard.

    (For those not catching on: note the scarf)

  • The New Pepsi Identity Makes Us Want a Coke

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    One of the wise readers over at Brand New has dug through the USPTO’s Search System and uncovered the registered work for the new Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Gatorade. This may not be the final iteration, but it’s pretty close if they’ve spent the money to file for a trademark. What can we say about it? Oh what a difference a creative director can make on a design assignment. Who blew who from Arnell Group to grab this biz from BBDO after 80 years? What a shame.

    (Thanks, Freddy)

  • EA's Spore Campaign from Wieden + Kennedy

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    W+K, Portland has just posted a ton of great work on their blog that they’ve been developing over the last year-and-a-half for the new EA game, Spore. Worth a look for sure.

    The world’s smallest billboard with an actual size of 14 × 6 inches.

  • Mac Vs. PC Goes All Zombie-ish

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    Accident Factory shows us a great way to turn the Mac/PC rager from politically nasty to physically nasty. George Romero would be proud. Maybe.

  • Steady Yourself

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    Here’s a beautiful little print piece from Armstrong&Asociados that’s got us thinking we need to get out and take more pictures in this beautiful chilly season. With a Canon, naturally.

    (Via I Believe In Advertising)

  • Be the Most Powerful Person at Your High School Reunion >>

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    Too good to be true? Join The Egotist staff and you can hop into bed with any cheerleader or jock you choose. Guaranteed. Entries for contributors due this Friday.

  • Colorado Agency Recognition News #4: STEP Inside Design Magazine

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    The Ellen Bruss Design website has been recognized in the Best of the Web issue of STEP Inside Design magazine from October.

    Site: Ellen Bruss Design
    Creative Director: Ellen Bruss
    Designers: Charles Carpenter, Jorge Lamora, Gordon Chislett, Lisa Wright, Gabe RE
    Programmer: Gordon Chislett
    Writer: Andy Bosselman

  • Colorado Agency Recognition News #3: Print Regional Design Annual

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    The Print annual just landed on our desk, and we wanted to let you know about the eight Colorado agencies that made it in this year. Congrats to all. You’re making the rest of us look damn good.

    1 – Next, the AIGA Design Conference Brochure
    Firm: Vermilion, Boulder
    Art Director: Robert Morehouse
    Designers: Kevin Bonner, Lorena Fox, Katie McKenna Daniels

    2 – Self-promo Silk-screened Mechanic Rags
    Firm: Honest Bros., Denver
    Art Directors: Eric Hines, Ryan Lee

    3 – Logo for Newton Running Shoes
    Firm: TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder
    Designers: Matthew Ebbing, Thomas Dooley

    4 – Kommunalka Board Game Design
    Firm: Desire Virtuosity, Englewood
    Art Director/Designer: Dina Veprinsky

    5 – Collaged Illustrations Self-Publication Project
    Illustrator: Kay Williams Johnson, Colorado Springs

    6 – Album Packaging for American Relay
    Firm: Legwork, Denver
    Designer: Aaron Ray

    7 – Identity for Fiber Fanatic Knit Kits
    Firm: Toolbox Creative, Fort Collins
    Art Directors: Dawn Putney, Tom Campbell
    Designer: Wendy Brookshire
    Illustrators: Wendy Brookshire, Phil Guzy

    8 – Environmental Graphics for The Lab at Belmar
    Firm: Ellen Bruss Design, Denver
    Art Director: Ellen Bruss
    Designer: Jorge Lamora

    9 – Program Identity/Promo Materials for Mixed Taste Lectures at Belmar
    Firm: Ellen Bruss Design, Denver
    Art Director: Ellen Bruss
    Designer: Jorge Lamora

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