• Ever Wonder How Mr. Sketch Markers Smell So Good?

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    Well, that makes good sense.

  • The End of the World on Social Media

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    Australian end-of-the-world movie These Final Hours is teasing audiences with a campaign that shows users what their friends might say to them on social media if the apocalypse were imminent. You have to let it access your Facebook account, but go check it out. It's very cool.


  • Hotels.com and CP+B Launch Campaign to Stop Americans from Being Shafted on Their Vacation Time

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    America is the only advanced economy in the world that does not guarantee any paid vacation days. In fact, 1 in 4 American workers in the private sector do not have any paid time off. This equates to 28 million people who are missing out on all of the benefits of a vacation.

    Hotels.com, a true "guest-centric" company, believes they're perfectly positioned to bring this issue to light and support this initiative around the need for a guaranteed minimum amount of paid vacation for American workers. They're calling it the Vacation Equality Project.

    The campaign site features a petition you can sign in support that will fo to WhiteHouse.gov, along with a postcard campaign to The House of Representatives and the film, directed by Tool's Brent Bonacorso, below — all with the goal of building awareness that overworked and under vacationed Americans deserve and require a minimum amount of paid vacation time in order to stay healthy, focused and productive. Amen.

    The creators at CP+B believe this has similar potential to Small Business Saturday, which they created in partnership with Digitas for American Express and became a national holiday. Hope it gains that much momentum.

  • C O L O R G A S M: An Experimental Film from Some Denver Makers

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    A just-for-the-fun-of-it project from Chase Bortz.

    Denver production team directed by Chase Bortz
    DOP: Leland Schmidt
    Audio Producer: Tryke Roark
    PA'S: Kate Lowell, Max Hubych
    Makeup: Liliana Aguilar
    Performance: Chase G. Williams, Cherelle Montoya

  • Detestable Trends: Beard Flowers

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    A donut? Yes. A sausage? Yes. Pet squirrel? Yes. But flowers in beards? No. No. Jesus, No!

  • New Building Being Contructed in Boulder Makes Use of Construction Fence to Pimp Neighboring Businesses

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    PearlWest, a new commercial office and retail building on the west end of the Pearl Street Mall on the site of the old Daily Camera building, has broken ground and is utilizing design on their construction fence to promote local businesses during demolition and construction. Instead of having those awful green panels or even advertising for the building, the builders decided to feature their neighbors instead, to provide them some advertising while the construction was happening.

    “Typically, construction projects can cause a lot of confusion and decreased traffic for neighboring businesses. It’s just not a pleasant experience, but we wanted to change that,” stated Dan Schuetz, project manager at The Nichols Partnership, the developer of the site. “This is an exceptional project in a vibrant location and we wanted to enhance that, not hurt it.”

    The PearlWest construction fence is decorated with vinyl panels that include images of natural elements surrounding Boulder such as aspen trees and the tulips in the garden beds along the Pearl Street Mall. Schuetz also worked with the neighboring businesses to make the fence an advertisement for them and not just PearlWest.

    The original concept for the quotes originated with Jodi Kopke of Renew Communications and the design elements were executed by Studio Lemonade of Denver.

  • What You're Doing is Meaningful, Adman, Don't Ever Forget It

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    This is the most positive thing we've seen regarding the advertising business in the last decade. Every client asking for free work should see it. Sit back and feel appreciated for the unique gift you possess — and never give it away for free. This inspiring ad-game manifesto was created by DDB Group Asia Pacific.


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