Grey Poupon, The Lost Footage, to Be Revealed on Oscar Night – Via CP+B

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Thirty-two years after the original spot aired, Grey Poupon Mustard is bringing back the iconic “Pardon Me” campaign to highlight the refined mustard’s quality and good taste. The new TV spot picks up right where the original 1981 commercial left off, showing what happened after the Grey Poupon was shared with the other distinguished gentleman.

The 30-second TV spot, entitled “The Chase,” created by CP+B, features a humorous taste of adventure — including car chases, flying champagne corks and caviar car slicks, which ensues after the Grey Poupon jar is shared. The spot is a teaser for the extended version which will be available online at following the teaser’s premiere during Hollywood’s biggest awards night this Sunday. The extended version of the video will feature clickable “Haute Spots” where viewers can click hidden spots within the video to reveal and win props featured in the TV spot — including items such as fine caviar, champagne flutes and tokens made from the luxury cars.


stoked to see the whole thing

Agreed, it's actually a teaser that makes you want to see what follows.

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