Breck Dog and Man Ski Patrol Partners Featured in New USA Network Spot from Boulder's Mrs. K

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On-air this past Monday is a Subaru-sponsored spot Mrs. K recently shot for USA Network. As part of the network's 'Characters Welcome' brand, they've directed and produced several :30 stories which feature actual customers of a particular sponsor. For this spot, which airs throughout the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Subaru wanted to feature a Subaru owner and their dog. Luckily, we have plenty of those in Colorado. Mrs. K found the perfect pair in Breckenridge, where Hunter Mortensen and his dog Tali are ski patrol and members of the Summit County Rescue Group, an avalanche rescue team.

Director: Jeanne Kopeck
DP: Andrew Turman
Editor: Tom Welborn
Audio Mix/Sweeten: Coupe Studios


LOVE this ad!!! Thank you for doing an ad that shows how wonderful shelter dogs are. I volunteer at a shelter in Flint, MI and more people need to know that shelter dogs are broken, sick or untrainable.. they are awesome.. just like Tali. Her life was saved and now she is saving others!!

Kudos to Kathy Sabine of Channel 9 for bringing this story to the viewers last night. Great Job!

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