Meet the Winners: The Fifty Best Colorado Ideas of 2012

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In wandering through the work on Friday night and flipping through it again in the printed awards book (download the pdf below), one thing struck again as it does about this time every year. There's some damn good work being produced here in Colorado. So, congratulations to all the winners — many of whom are appearing for the first time in this show. Let's do it again.

Download The Fifty Winners Book 2012


A lot of really nice work on display. One question: Did they produce a printed version of the award book? If so, is it possible to get a copy even if you are not a member of the Denver ad community? (OK, that's two questions.)

Really fun night!
When they named The Egotist as best Industry Blog, we were all waiting with bated breath to see if some mysterious character in a mask and cloak would step up and accept the award... Alas, your identity remains unknown...

Wow, Cactus cleaned up.

I would still love to see more agencies enter their work. Where is Factory, TDA, Moxie Sozo, V&S, etc?

Agreed! The more CO creative representation, the better. Keep in mind though, not every agency that enters makes The Fifty. Small and large agencies compete at the same level, the judges don't see agency names associated with the work. Ideas compete against ideas. Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated last Friday!

Would love to see TDA enter this but overall, great job, Colorado. Go Buffs.

Still think its kind of shitty that real client work gets beat out by Grenadier's business cards and letterhead. Talk about a popularity contest.

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