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This is an open thread for all Colorado agencies and individuals to drop good news about their clients, their shops or themselves. What's going good with you?


Things are great. Today is ColoradoGives Day ( which we love and our community of travelers at Join Us Around the continues to grow with new faces and friends from all over the globe. Connecting travelers and new friends from Around the World is our mission and it looks like we are heading in a good direction. The people that Join Us are what makes it happen and so far we have had some amazing individuals jump on board... So that's what's going on with me. Jump on the Colorado Gives website and look around. See where you can help!! Have a great day World!

I got engaged, so thats pretty neat!

THE 50

Celebrate the Work! January 29th 6pm.
History Colorado Museum 1200 Broadway Denver, CO
Get your tickets at

What do you get when you cross a roller coaster, a hockey goalie and Cheese Toast?

You get Elitch Gardens, The University of Denver and Sizzler USA, Inc. – Vladimir Jones newest clients.

Elitch Gardens is America’s only downtown Theme and Water Park. VJ will be handling all media planning and buying for this thrill-seeking organization in 2014. For the University of Denver, the oldest and largest private university in the Rocky Mountain region, VJ will deliver top honors in website development, campaign creation and event planning. With more than 50-year history, that has long been a part of Americana, VJ is also working to heat up the nostalgic brand for the United States-based restaurant chain, Sizzler USA, Inc.

For more information on VJ’s new clients, view our recent blog post.

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