The Ultimate T-Shirt for Tonight's Broncos Pre-Season Opener

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Mile High Stadium was born Bears Stadium in 1948, built for Denver's minor league baseball team. Originally a 17,000-seat grandstand, its additions over the decades brought it to a capacity of over 80,000. In 1960, it became home to the new Denver Broncos football team. In 1968, the city of Denver acquired the facility and renamed it Mile High Stadium: a multi-sport name worthy of a big-league city.

Home to Bucky the Bronco, the Orange Crush, Barrel Man, the Comeback Kid and the Three Amigos, Mile High was among the loudest stadiums in the league. Fans overwhelmed opponents with "Rocky Mountain thunder," the roar of thousands of Broncos faithful stomping on metal floors. In half a century, the horseshoe hosted more than 300 football games and 3,000 baseball games, countless concerts and events, and the Colorado Rockies' first two seasons. Mile High Stadium closed in 2001, lending part of its name to its state-of-the-art successor.

Brings a tear to the eye to see her in all her glory. Denver's Loyal Tees released this little beauty to remind you, each wear, of her greatness. Grab one.


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