New Video Marketing Agency in Denver: Big Blue Branding

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Big Blue Branding is a new specialty marketing agency in town, focused on the narratives that make every individual business unique. They specialize in leveraging their clients' stories to make impactful branding and training videos. We really like the two pieces they've developed for Denver musician Ian Cooke. More work on their site.


terrible logo

How can anyone take a branding company seriously when they use something like Wisdom Script for their logo. Did they pay for it I wonder?

What's with all the strummy guitar/ king soopers style music in these videos? (See also the RUME video post).

Minus points for lack of creative vision.

^ Max LOLz achieved!

Went to their site. was not impressed in the least.

How is giving these guys press "Helping Denver Suck Less?"

It's easy to have opinions when nobody knows who you are! To all the idiots who think "egotist" means "elitist", stop being hypocrites! Put your name on your comment so people can see YOUR shitty portfolio.

Yeesh. Relentless. Welcome to Denver, Guys. Looking forward to seeing what you guys can do. Dig your reel.

As any good blog knows, you are only as good as the content you post, and the Egotist is losing credibility with this one.

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