KFC Testing Out a New Higher-End Restaurant Concept, Called KFC eleven – Styled by Boulder's Jacqueline Buckner

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is quietly testing out a tasteful, new, dare-we-say upscale-ish restaurant concept in Louisville, Kentucky — the brand's backyard. The concept restaurant, called KFC eleven, says goodbye to Colonel Sanders and the red and white buckets — in exchange for delicious-looking, handcrafted food styled by Boulder's Jacqueline Buckner. Creative Alliance is in charge of the rollout and Teri Campbell shot the photography. We're definitely sold on giving it a taste from the way this food looks alone. Job well done.


Now I want to work on a food client just to have her style it.

Awesome styling and great photography. If this were in a cookbook or on a blog I'd really be craving it... then I see KFC's name goes with the food.

I'm kind of surprised KFC didn't bury their association a little bit more. Seeing their name attached to the food makes me second guess the quality of the ingredients and overall taste.

And whats with the fish scales in that logo?

Anyone else totally confused by the logo? WHATISIT???
Oh, yes, beautifully styled and photographed food.

Start by getting rid of the KFC tie-in. It immediately makes you think of gross, unhealthy, deep-fried chicken. The food looks great. Someone please design them a logo. What a mess.

It *looks* good enough to eat!

is anyone else reminded of chickens in battery cages with their beaks sliced off? doubt they were going for that angle with the logo.

They also cut their feet off so they get nice and plump from just standing around.

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