Four Top Denver Non-Golfer Athletes Compete for Inclusion in the BMW Championship at Cherry Hills

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Most people dream of putting Peyton Manning, John Elway, John Lynch or Chauncey Billups in a spot. Karsh Hagan got to work with all four at once. They were offered the unique opportunity to get together with these legends to shoot TV, radio and print ads for the 2014 BMW Championship at Cherry Hills Country Club. It's John Elway's best spot, well, ever.

Karsh Hagan Credits:
Account Manager: Emily Rundles
Art Director: Nick Marranzino
Co-Presidents: Pocky Marranzino, Kathy Hagan Brown
Copywriter: Karen Morris
Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
Director of Broadcast Production: Becky Ferguson

Creative Partners:
Film: Roshambo Films / Jim Elkin
Photos: Bryce Boyer
Sound: Rocky Mountain Recorders / Chris McNaughton
Color: Postmodern
Editor: Tom Welborn


Swing and a miss.

Quit hating behind a shield.

I don't get the spot.

Agree. The concept doesn't come through as clearly as it should.

Pretty bad local step away from car dealer ads...but, probably no budget...can see this as one that they probably thought was hilarious internally and then when they saw the spot...ouch

Once again, everyone gets a credit in this except the media department. Hey Egotist, when are you going to give the media peeps their shout out? Make it mandatory that media people get listed in credits if any agency wants to post their stuff here since they're part of the team too.

Four of the most well-known athletes around and this is what you do with them. WOW. Bad. I don't care if you don't have a budget, have a good idea. WOW.

And media guy, nobody cares who bought the space. This is a creative blog, not a media blog. You want credit? Great job buying space for a crap commercial.

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