Boulder's Coupe Studios Gets in on The Hunger Games Cover Girl Cross-Promo

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GREY New York tapped Coupe Studios for some bombastic sound design on this Hunger Games / Cover Girl life-imitates-art spot that aired last night on the VMAs. Lionsgate is definitely going all in on promoting this movie. Utopian city The Capitol is especially obsessed with beauty and image in the film, so Lionsgate also created a new edition of the Capitol Couture website — and is running billboards in NYC promotion the fake clothing and beauty line from Hunger Games.


Saw this on air last night. Good work crew!

it was only a matter of time before this movie became reality.
cool spot tho. sound's killer

Well done, Coupe, as usual. Alas my retinas are still burning from the Miley Cyrus fiasco. Ouch.

It's not all fake.

My local CVS carries Hunger Games makeup and Muppet Movie nail polish in the adult makeup section.

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