The Community Matters Series from Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado – Via Karsh Hagan

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Pinnacle Bank and Bank of Colorado have 140 branches across eight states. And their unwavering belief in family, honesty and hard work makes them a cornerstone of every community they call home. So Karsh Hagan set out to uncover, share and celebrate the role community plays in our lives. They went to dozens of towns where the banks do business and created short films about what makes those places special. A business. A charity. A rodeo. And more.

The Community Matters Series is supported by TV, print and billboard advertising. It consumed three film crews, several local musicians, and the passion and support of practically everyone at Karsh Hagan. And they're still on the road. They'll be posting more stories this fall.


Karsh Hagan Folks:
Account Director: Meg Milligan
Account Supervisor: Lindsay Koehler, Megan Niklawski, Jancy Quinn
Account Manager: Chelsea Brooks
Associate Creative Director: Jim Morrissey
Art Director: Camille King
Copywriter: Megan Cohen
Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
Creative Technologist: Andrew Baker
Director of Broadcast Production: Becky Ferguson
Director of Digital: David Stewart
Director of Integrated Production: Bonnie Carheden
Print Production Manager: Shirley Richter
Print Production: Valerie Hawks, Kristine Crawford

Creative Partners:
Editor: Tommy Welbourne
Music: Dynamite Laser Beam, Tyler Stansfield, Rachel James, Matt Nasi, Esme Patterson
Photography: George Lange, Chris Sessions, Tad Myers
Sweetening: Dynamite Laser Beam
TV Coloring: Postmodern
Videography: Brooke Aitken, Chris Sessions, George Lange, Tad Myers, Ryan Simpson


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