Talent Grab: Eric Hines, Designer

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Eric Hines was one of the people affected by the layoffs at Factory after Callaway Golf put its account up for review. Before going full-time at Factory, Eric ran his own agency, called Honest Bros. His design prowess is on display in the video below that shows the inner workings of one of the packaging pieces he did for Oakley while at Factory. Eric is currently available for freelance design and art direction. Contact him at eric@honestbros.com.


THE OAKLEY ACCOUNT IS NOW IN REVIEW!!!!! Factory got fired! Looks like the walls are falling in. They're down to one client. The North Face. Mellin's bike trip to Verbier is really paying off for all the people that actually work in their "global headquarters."

Nice work, Eric!

Eric's top notch. He will blow yo away from start to finish both with creativity and discipline.

Is this heresay or did they really loose Oakley? There is a lot of vitriol directed at Factory but there are some absolutely wonderful people working there and losing the Oakley account would be devastating. If it's not true then that's a terrible rumor to be spreading.

Congrats on the write up. Eric kicks ass, he's a one-man wrecking machine on all levels. We are unfortunate not to have him at FDL these days.
Btw, Bob Johnson does not have his facts straight, thanks for the anonymous freak out Bob.

And this is not the forum for this conversation. This is about Eric. Nice work. Great stuff at honest bros. Great stuff at factory. Great stuff wherever he goes.

Nice work, Eric. This guy is solid.

Nice fabrication work Mr. Hines.

Awesome work Eric.

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