Don't Take Greeley's Guns Away M.F., The Billboard

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Copyranter says the billboard was purchased by some Greeley, Colorado residents and that the board has upset Native Americans — but not because of the pro-gun message.

According to, Greeley resident Kerri Salazar, who is of Native American descent, says she was livid when she learned about it. She said she doesn't have a problem with the pro-gun rights message, but she's offended the Native American people were used apparently without their consent.


Was she upset that the native american people were wiped out? Lol what a joke

I am a State recognized Native American on the East coast and I can honestly say I'm glad to see this billboard, because it shows the truth and what happens when you disarm a people. For this woman to be offended is a joke. Her offense won't change the past but this billboard may protect our future. Shame on them for calling themselves natives.



Sorry, I must've missed the part where the Government was asking for all citizens to turn over their arms.'d think that would've been in the news or something.

Sounds like Freddy really likes the idea of the second line off this board.

Wherever you stand on the issue at hand, this is a very effective message delivery. Makes you think, at least.

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