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After breaking away from their partnership with Friends of Mine, Denver's Changethethought has refocused on being a successful boutique studio with an emphasis on illustration, graphic design, animation and 3D — starting to delve into web design and web banner work.

Changethethought posted a new version of their website yesterday, including a host of new projects. Christopher Cox, the studio's original founder, is working with Gary Tussey now — teaming up to tackle more complex 3D animation and motion design projects. They've been working both with agencies and direct to client.

"Although we can tackle larger budget projects, as a smaller crew we can also work with more limited budgets. Money is not our emphasis right now. We want to grow more slowly than we have in the past and really put our focus on the work and trying to be as creative as we possibly can be. We know we need to do that first before we begin to grow again and then the growth will happen the right way," said creative director Christopher Cox.

Changethethought currently accepting new projects. Visit their new site, developed by Rachel Rippy, at: www.changethethought.tv.



Great looking reel.

Thanks so much for the post guys. We really appreciate it.

Thanks guys!

Nice work!

Great work Chris and team. Always impressive stuff.

Sweet fellas! Nice looking site too

The Globology animation was not done by this company and was actually created at DATA,inc. This is false advertisement. They do not have permission to use these clips.

I originally used those clips with permission from one of the owners of DATA because I personally created a good portion of that project. . But after just having a long chat we have both agreed that it would be difficult to credit all the other artist in this type of format.

Because of this and our utmost respect for all of the hardworking talented individuals at DATA inc. We are happy to remove these clips and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


Gary Tussey
Executive Director

Client: The Wildlife Experience Museum - Exhibit release
Agency: DATA Incorporated www.datausa.com

Project Manager: Stephanie Datzua
Graphic design of Lockup/art direction: Veronica Sword
Modeling of the kids: Jeff Prine
2D Textures by: Adam Hass
3D texturing by: Gary Tussey
Rigging by: Gary Tussey and Adam Hass
Script: WildlifeExperience
Directed, Concept, storyboards, layout, 3D scene modeling, Scene animation, and character animation, editing, compositing: by Gary Tussey

Good on you Gary for having some scrupples in your change of heart.

(It's one of the challenges of our business. While newly formed shops ARE the culmination of their staff's experience, it's not really right to show work that was not created by that shop. Which leaves new shops at a loss for what to show in their work section. Pretty much, you have to sell your experience and thinking until you have work of your own to show.)

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