CU Boulder's 2013 One Show Pencil-Winning Work

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If you have the impression that the Boulder ad program doesn't bring the sauce, CU was the most awarded undergrad program at the One Show this year — beating out a number of well regarded portfolio schools. This is also the most awards one team has ever received at CU.

With three pencils, from left to right, is Matt Lowber, Albert Breitwieser and Andy Bartosch — who are all graduating this May and headed to CP+B for their summer internship program.

For the Global School District campaign, from left to right, is Kris Wong, Matt Lowber, Albert Breitwieser, Scott Steele and Andy Bartosch. The two video ideas below also merited in other categories, totaling 5 awards for the Matt/Albert/Andy team.

The students credit their teachers as a huge influence. Both are creatives at TDA_Boulder, Austin O'Connor and Barrett Brynestad. The students won't know if they received bronze or gold until the award show on May 7, but they're all headed out to NYC for the reception and are very excited.

Congratulations, you guys. You've made Colorado — and especially us alumni — mighty proud.

Legal stuff: These pieces were created solely for the purpose of the One Show Young Ones competition and were not commissioned by the client.


I can't say enough nice things about these guys. They are great students and nice human beings. Very excited to see what they do after graduation.

Really damn smart. And really damn nicely produced. Congrats gentlemen and have great time picking up those pencils in NY.

I'll tell you exactly what they'll do after graduation: work ungodly hours, get pay cuts and laid off at some point in their careers, and be unemployed in their 50's and 60's.

Congrats. this is awesome in the true sense of the word

@Anonymous, You're a bitter bastard. These guys are embarking on a great adventure. This is the kind of thing that launches careers. Good luck, gents. Big things ahead.

Love! Is it me or are traditional ad/portfolio schools becoming more irrelevant?

I think this proves you don't need to attend a fancy portfolio school to be successful.

Looking at the almost ridiculously long list of winners, it's apparent you can be successful anywhere. You do not need an ad program either to thrive. It helps, but in the end, your portfolio beats the snot out of any place you get a degree.

Smart thinking, CU. That "coin wrapper" pencil is simply awesome.

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