What Makes Colorado Colorado? State Launches Inclusive Branding Initiative

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Today the state of Colorado is introducing Making Colorado — "the most inclusive, collaborative and ambitious branding effort ever undertaken by a state."

Rather than hiring a single "place branding" design firm, the state is tapping into the energy and expertise of multiple agencies and Coloradans across this state, to build a brand for Colorado, by Colorado. Making Colorado will capture the spirit and energy that exists in Colorado today to stimulate the economy, unite statewide programs and showcase Colorado to the rest of the world.

At makingcolorado.gov, all Coloradans will have the opportunity to submit thoughts, opinions and creative ideas throughout the five-month process. This input will then be filtered into a core group of collaborative teams, including a Making Colorado Creative Team, comprised of 10-12 of Colorado’s top creative talent — including designers, copywriters and technologists — who will be selected and led by Dave Schiff, founder of marketing agency Made Movement. Using the public’s input, this creative team (including Made Movement, Sterling Rice Group, Karsh/Hagan and Alex Bogusky as overseer) will bring Colorado’s unique qualities to life and share their concepts with the public for voting and feedback.

Interesting idea, but will crowdsourcing from average Joes honestly net you that many great ideas? And how does this affect the work Karsh has been doing for the state? Is it a separate effort entirely? Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised by what comes of this, but it's going to be hard to beat the anthemic work they've already developed.


And is it spec work?

You may want to approach Eric Baird, the creator of the Love Denver Colorado brand; and founder and creative director of ICON.

caveat: i live in denver and these things fit my interests.

however, the website that they have up right now is not "colorado." it is the denver/boulder area. we tend to go a little tunnel vision here on what kinds of people and things exist in this state, but welding on a bike, the dam, and hipsters getting their hair cut is not all that we have to offer. i truly hope they can cover all aspects of the people that live here, not just the bright blue front range. and that this isn't full-on spec work.

Though the video is missing the some stuff (western slope, eastern plains, & southwestern vibe) the overall concept is very interesting. I am also curious as to how this links in with what Karsh and Colorado tourism is doing.

Regardless, it will be great to see how the project evolves and if we can get those all the great nooks, corners and hidden gems of the state to contribute their pieces and showoff the diverse and fantastic place we get to call home.

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