Karsh Shows Us Just How Much There Is to Do in Denver

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New spot from Karsh\Hagan for Visit Denver that uses the background switching technique to demonstrate all the fun you can get lost in here in town.

Visit Denver is an organization comprised of hundreds of local partners, each with their own business objectives. So how do you create a single spot that works toward achieving all of them? You showcase dozens of attractions in one simple package. Pulling off this :30 spot required an eight-day shoot, 34 different setups and a very patient crew.

Art director: Nick Marranzino
Copywriter: Karen Morris
Account service: Rachel Greenberg, Megan Caldbeck, Anne Marie Salcito
Director of broadcast production: Becky Ferguson
Creative direction: Matt Ingwalson, Sean Topping
Production company: Futuristic Films
Director: Bill Timmer
Editor: Richie Kendall
Music composition: Shawn King


Once again, lots of backslapping for the creative types but where's the credits for the media people who a.) identified the target audience that influenced the creative direction b.) identified the right media channels in which to place the ad and c.) placed the media?

This blog continually forgets that media planners are part of the ad agency team.

Somebody call the waaaambulance.


Is the target dorky white people?

Yikes. Another terrible ad for Denver. Come on... this city has so much more to offer. This ad is uninspired beyond belief.

The truth is. Denver really is a dump. Lets be honest.

^ Must explain why so many asshole Californians and Texans are flocking here in droves.

Media planners arn't responsible for anything in this ad! Thats like saying a waiter should be complimented for bringing out the food to the right table. Get real.

Personally, I think Denver is a bit void but I always look west when I am there. My two kids also attend University of Denver DU and they are happy there. Denver has alot of concerts, um... the school is great, Coors beer is great. Come on, give it a break... it'll get better with all those Texans and Californians moving in. The people are great by the way as well. Boulder is over rated if you ask me, and I DO look forward to my kids moving back to San Francisco.... now this place rocks!!

That is a pretty boring ad for Denver if you ask me. It needs some life...
Downtown in dead and 16th street is mostly it seems for gangs and the homeless. It's depressing as hell to be down there... come on Denver, get hip, clean up, make it alive.
Cherry Creek area is the only one with any life or personality.

good ad. Wish I knew where all those places are!

Nice job Karsh and Futuristic. Denver is awesome. As a transplant, I can tell you a thousand reasons to love Denver. As for the ad, I like it. I shoot for Visit Denver and know we have to make the most out of the limited budget we get... Futuristic shot 12-15 locations... I'm sure they went out of their way to do the most with the budget given and to show how diverse and fun Denver is. Nice job!

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