Boulder's Made Movement Turns One – And Celebrates With an Infographic

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Made Movement has just turned one. To mark the milestone, they created an infographic (designed by Ramzy Masri) that illustrates some fun facts about us, offering a march down memory lane.


a bowel movement

Sweet graphic. Congrats!

Did Domino's design this?

fucking horrible.

I frequent a couple of other illustration boards where people are required to use their real freaking name to post, and with that simple basic rule much of the heckling and disrespect for fellow creatives is eliminated. So easy to tear down someone else with a couple of overused boring and unimaginative words like "fucking horrible". Go create something better then. And have the balls to post it.

Dig this! Great work.

This looks like something that would be better suited for print than a screen. It's a little unreadable and frustrating to look at on a web page. Make it into a big poster and hang it on the wall and I bet I'd like it.

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