CU Boulder's Ad Program Came to Play at The One Show

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8 fuckyeahs go out to the 2013 CU Boulder Portfolio class (and their professors) for winning 3 Pencils and 5 Merits in this year's One Show. Quality breeding going on up there. Let's keep these cats in Colorado.


making all us alums proud. Good stuff CU

Congrats CU winners.. they make good door stops (when you collect about three or four) ;-)



Douchey comment

Well done. Congrats to all the students and to their hard working teachers @B_Brynestadd and @austin_o. This now makes it okay that you left early every Tuesday.

Thanks for posting. We're honored.

Send some of that winning work our way to post, Matt.

Good work Buffaloes!

Sent. Thanks again!

too bad they don't teach them real world skills to design or art direct their way out of a paper sack. just a prep school for graduate schools... a little expensive for a degree that isn't applicable in the job market. csu, du, nc, metro, has more talent

^ well said, anonymous. Winning three pencils and 5 merits must have been a fluke. Oh and CSU, DU, and Metro are definitely more talented. They don't even have ad programs. Go home, ass.

Just because your university doesn't have a advertising program doesn't mean you can't be talented. In truth, some ad programs run the danger of spitting out replicates.

I'm only talking about what I've experienced with the people I've hired, had as interns, and had to train to toughen up and grow a spine, not to mention get over the fact I don't care CU is where they learned how to concept and strategize cute little offs...poorly executed books of mediocrity.... and show me some real ideas. But hey, this ain't brain surgery we're doin how really cares.

Anonymous- I'd love to send you my book. Though I can't say I would ever want to work for you. Advertising isn't about flaunting your ego. It's about making good shit.

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