Noodles & Company Gets Worldly Courtesy of TDA_Boulder

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In the first brand-wide advertising for Noodles & Company, rolling out now, outdoor, newspaper, digital and radio support the fast casual chain’s first-ever brand I.D., “Your World Kitchen,” intended to convey their broad range of cuisines. The campaign is the first work by advertising agency TDA_Boulder for its new client.

Outdoor is the largest component, with nine unique executions. Some are site-specific, like the Denver wallscape with five big arrows pointing down to a trendy LoDo parking lot. Others are unusual format, like the stacked double billboard with a two-part headline. Others are traditional in format, if not in their requirement that the viewer put at least a little bit of thought into them. Like the Austin billboard with three (non-functional) clocks, labeled “Japan,” “Italy,” “Austin,” and all showing the same time (thanks to Noodles, Japanese noodles and Italian pasta are right in Austin’s time zone).

A direct component is also a slow get. In a 3-week program, newspaper home delivery subscribers receive their usual journal poly-bagged inside what appears to be a foreign newspaper—first Italian, then Japanese, then Thai. Copy (in English) says, “Travel the world without leaving your table.” On the last week, FSIs are included.

Other support media include radio (three :30s, on broadcast and digital stations) and site-specific Flash banners, such as the working digital clocks on international news sites that display the “hours until lunch” in, say, Jakarta, and in the viewer’s home city. Or the music site banner that targets anyone requesting “World Music”: “Based on your selection,” it reads, “we think you would like: Japanese Pan Noodles.” The fullcampaign rolls out first in Denver, Kansas City and Austin, and will slowly go national (digital components already are).

ADs: Austin O’Connor, Haley Garyet, Barrett Brynestad
CWs: Tim Kelly, Daniel Colburn
CD/CW: Jeremy Seibold
ECD/CW: Jonathan Schoenberg

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