Denver Designer Geoff Allen Returns from London with Some Very Nice Work

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Fresh off a year in the UK, Geoff Allen — one of our recommended freelance art director/designers — is back and settled in Denver again. Score one for America. He's put a sheen of gloss on his book, recently updating with new projects from Nike and Four Seasons to indie bands and non-profits. Give it a look and welcome him back.


Great work. Nice guy. Fun Instagram Feed. Supporter of the arts... Welcome back to Denver Geoff!

Such a talented and prolific dude. Definitely a great asset to have back in Denver.

I can definitely say that Denver design has missed him in his absence. Great work, killer personality and an A+ beard.

Geoff has a knack for making everything look amazing. Including those ridiculous earrings he wears.

Nice work Geoff, even including some inspiration from the London architecture. Consistently solid aesthetics and a great sense of typography.

First off, huge thanks to The Egotist for the post! I really appreciate you always supporting and promoting FUN is OK. You guys continually prove to be an excellent asset of inspiration and information for all of us.

And a big thanks to the Denver design community for the kind words... even you, Mr. Sher. You guys are awesome!

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