CrossFit Pandora's Box Identity – Via Miles McIlhargie and Greta Schmidt

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Local designers Miles McIlhargie and Greta Schmidt recently collaborated on a new identity for Colorado Springs' CrossFit Pandora's Box. Here's the work, including a before and after, as well an explanation of what they accomplished.

"CrossFit Pandora's Box was desperately in need of a new identity. One that better represented the environment and attitudes surrounding the gym, as well as one that was aesthetically and technically sound. The client specifically did not want any reference to the mythological Pandora's box but rather an image that had an old-school club sort of feel with subtle inclusions of gym equipment.

In our research we found most logos for CrossFit affiliates either looked like a they should be logos for heavy metal bands or clipart search results for "kettle bell". We decided that designing this as an emblem would allow for us to create a look that worked well on nearly any medium and work especially well with the hard, distinct textures found throughout the gym. In the end, and after much massaging, we feel we've hit the mark (no pun intended) with a logo that says a lot but reads well and remains clean and iconic. Best of all, the client is thrilled with the result!"


Hey, we need to redo this logo.
fuck it, rub some hipster juice on it.

Hey, I want to say something important about this logo.
fuck it, i'll stay anonymous.

Good job guys, digging the container shape and the jump ropes that frame the other graphics. Sharp and smart, much improved from their earlier logo.

Thanks for the post, Egotist. We appreciate having a place to show our work beyond the gym and our portfolios. The final logo is a result of a refreshing collaboration where ideas, comments, design edits, and even a few too many pullups and burpees, played a part in the creation.

We're happy with our work and are pumped to hear good things from our most important viewing audience: CrossFit Pandora's Box.

More like: "Client literally wants 'new identity ... old-school feel', so lets give them top notch work with some "exactly-what-they-wanted" juice artfully factored in. Why would anyone NOT market to an on-going pop culture phenom? Looks great!

Love the simplicity of the jump ropes and weight. Secondary mark is tops as well, although I can't imagine anything less when you two design together.

Simple design that clearly delivers the message... brilliant work. Glad to see these two designers getting the props they deserve.

i like it. nice work

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