Denver's Dynamite Laser Beam Adds Super Sonic Sound Design to The North Face Spot

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Dynamite Laser Beam collaborated with Denver's Factory Design Labs on this piece for The North Face by adding some custom super sonic sound design. Dig it all the way around.

ECD: Andrew Price
CD: Josh Wills
ACD: Jeff Jenks
Sr. Copywriter: Lee Perlman
Sr. Art Director: Gary Wiese
Dir. of Broadcast Production: Melany Fehrenbach
Music, Sound Design, Mix: Dynamite Laser Beam


Wicked. Feeling charged up like after watching the Karate Kid.

It's always a pleasure working with the crew over at Dynamite Laser Beam. Thanks for the shine Egotist(s).

One additional credit is much deserved:
Sr. Art Director: Gary Wiese


Pretty sure there was another writer on that spot? Pretty sure that writer came up with the idea. Pretty sure he was left off the list of credits.

Also wondering who did the edit and graphics.

By no means are we intentionally leaving credits off. We're posting what was provided. Please send us the additional people involved and we'll be happy to include them.

Mr. Perlman's correct. Let's add Lee with a Sr. Copywriter credit. Thanks for the post guys.

Glad this spot ended up just like it was pitched in the first place. Good work, dudes.

What a great idea. Wait...there wasn't one. Nevermind. Nice ski porn though. Again. So fun to see you guys do more than one thing.

Good job guys. Another second rate commercial for a first rate brand.

Think the idea is cool and well executed. Especially considering the parameters we were given to work with.

Did anyone see the TDA work for Noodles? BOOORING. Who really wants Thai food made by some American guy in Broomfield? Not me.

Great ski porn Factory. A lame idea that depends on sound design to made it watchable. Get a strategy, can you?

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