Colorado Ballet Lifts You Out of Everyday – A New Campaign from Denver's Launch Advertising

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Denver’s boutique branding firm Launch Advertising recently partnered with Colorado-based photographer Allen Birnbach to create a new branding campaign for Colorado Ballet. A series of images feature Colorado Ballet dancers in stark contrast to the unexpected, mundane environments in which they find themselves.The theme line, “Lifts you out of everyday” prompts readers to escape the everyday grind for the pleasure and beauty of Colorado Ballet.

The campaign includes light rail and mall shuttle advertising, Denver Theatre District street banners, guerrilla tactics, newspaper and magazine advertising. Launch creative director Martha Peck adds, “It’s time to inspire a new generation to discover ballet. The Colorado Ballet is one of the crown jewels of our state — an amazing collection of talent and artistry that moves audiences of all ages.”

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This is a super nice concept. Sweetly packaged and on-target, I would think.

To me it's confusing. The other people in the ad are completely ignoring the girls with a leg in the air. It's screaming that the ballet is just as boring as waiting for the bus or hanging out in your laundry room. In my honest opinion this misses the mark. The set should've looked like an ordinary, everyday environment coming to life with people actually paying attention to the ballerina. How about some dramatic lighting, bright colored theatrical set. This is weak art direction and misguided creative direction. When is Denver going to stop doing safe work and start raising the bar?

I'd disagree, 'Legs'. It says that everyday life is drab, and that ballet offers an escape. If the environment came to life, well, it wouldn't be 'everyday' then, would it?

In this treatment, ballet is the escape. It's the only element of the design that should look it.

Its the same poster 4 times.

"Its the same poster 4 times." Your eyeballs have malfunctioned.

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